Interview with Creative Mapping

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Creative Mapping interviewed me about my work and inspirations. Here’s how they introduced me… “Illustration is an ancient art form indeed so old it dates back to the cavemen. Ancients of every creed and culture drew and scratched images on walls and skins; both as a means of expression – and a form of communication. […]

Exhibition: Flaxon Ptootch

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On Friday 9 July 2010, I exhibited at Flaxon Ptootch, a groovy little gallery come hairdressers in Kentish Town Road in London. It was the first exhibition of the prints from my most recent illustrated fashion story ‘London Calling’ as well as a few old favourites. I am always looking for gallery and space to […]

Lecturing at Central Saint Martins

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I have recently run a series of lectures at Central Saint Martins on illustration. Breaking the subject down into the theory of illustration, the skills, the application and the practice of illustration. The first of the lectures was on Thursday 8 July 2010.

Exhibition: A Night With The Others

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I had great fun recently at my last show, The Others. A great crowd joined me for art, music, drinking and killer table football! Thank you to everyone who came along to watch me produce a piece of art live. Here are a few photos taken on the night of me and my creation. I […]

Exhibition: Living Sketchbook

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An experiment in living art. On Friday 9 April 2010 I took part in a joint show ‘Its All About Me In 2D’ at The Others in Hackney. On the evening I put on a living sketchbook. In the weeks leading up to the night I designed, researched and prepared a piece of work. Then […]

Exhibition: Soho Milk Bar

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In December 2008, I exhibited some of my work at the Milk Bar in Soho. The exhibition lasted one month and was very well received and no-one spilt any coffee over my pics! I am always looking for gallery and space to exhibit my work so please do contact me if you have a suitable […]